Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Crazy Love, Compelled by Love.... Gods love!!!

I’ve been preparing for my trip and to do so I’ve been reading some great books! Some of them are required for the Harvest School and some are not! I have extra reading time at work (apparently when school starts back nobody goes to the pool!), so I’ve read Crazy Love and Heidi Bakers book Compelled by Love. Both are such amazing books, they have changed my heart and will change my life! Crazy Love speaks strongly about how Christians are really supposed to live! How we have become complacent, lazy, selfish, half-hearted followers of God. It gives lots of great verses of what Jesus really meant when He asked people to follow Him and how we can change our lives in order to store up real treasures in Heaven, where it matters! And the book by Heidi Baker talks about how to learn from children and the poor, how to have innocent beautiful faith, and to hunger and thirst for God the way we should! We are all really desperate for God deep down, in America we have so much stuff and money and distractions that we don’t even realize how hungry we are and should be for God! They get it! And we need to learn fro them :). It teaches about what real love really is! Gods love for us and how He will fill us up to overflowing so we spill out on all others! So these books are really preparing my heart, soul, and spirit for loving and serving the poor, orphans, needy, and learning more and more about my God and His love! Both of them are amazingly filled with stories and Biblical truths about LOVE! I’ve also been looking into all I’ll need to bring (apparently I am going to be especially thankful for peanut butter and toilet paper!), and all the funds I am going to need! Plane tickets are ridiculously expensive when your flying halfway across the world… no doubt its partly due to all those nasty plane meals they constantly wake you up for ever 2 hours or so… anyways I (despite the 3 jobs I’ve worked this summer to save up!) am still short and trusting God to provide because I know He is soo faithful!!! If any of you asks the Lord and feels led to send me a lil help ;) ha ha you could send a check to –
1760 N. Bass Dr. Mt.Juliet TN, 37122
And if you ask the Lord how He wants you to support me and He says pray! Spiritual warfare is soo important! I know that I am going to need so much support spiritually, and also protection from the enemy who would love to steal all that God has for me! There are a lot of sicknesses there that are common and I would love your prayers for health and healing! Ha ha there is so much! But God is so much bigger than all else that I already know He has it taken care of! I know your prayers will help fight those spiritual battles that will most definitely be taking place! I pray for all of you, for peace, rest, deep love, that Gods face will shine on you, that He will be gracious to you, that He will bless you and keep you, and pour His spirit into your heart constantly :) I love you all!

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