Friday, September 10, 2010

Polluted James 1:27

My Father! I love when you speak to me… sometimes I feel like I am too polluted by this world to hear you clearly and that is the worst feeling to me! I am making life too complicated, not trusting in you enough and failing to keep myself, my heart pure for YOU! I desire that childlike faith, childlike simplicity in my life and in my relationship with you! You’re my good, good daddy who loves me! I can depend on you and KNOW that you will come through for me no matter what the circumstances look like or seem to say! we have to SIMPLY chose to look at life, the situation, the trauma, the problems, the day….etc. we chose to keep Gods perspective. We do not focus on our weakness or the evil that is always present, we focus on His face, Jesus eyes! Its that simple, yet we find it so hard to do! We have to be conquerors of our own thoughts and minds! (2 Cor. 10:5) Taking those thoughts captive and taking them, even dragging them sometimes, back to Jesus! This takes practice and I will be meditating on my God and His ways such as this so that He will help me! We can be confident in our God! He is sufficient, what Jesus has already done is more than enough for all of us! And we are sustained by His love!!! We have to learn to receive that love… to just rest in it and allow Him to pour it on us and fill us up! Without being filled up we cannot give it out to others… and that’s when all kinds of our issues arise! If we are filled up people, we can be in relationships with others (all kinds from friends and family to spouse…etc.) and not be constantly looking to them to fill our needs but enjoying loving each other and giving rather than taking…! This also I am learning and asking for His help on! I have so much to learn but am so excited to hear God speaking, to me, and through others to me! Through books and sermons…. Sometimes I wake up and just know I need more God, right then to make it through the day! I realize at that start of the day moment that I have been polluted by the world and want to be completely pure so I can hear my God and feel His love! I ask Him to purify me and to love on me! I just lay there and wait for His love! He wants us to be still and remember how He is God and no one else… how I need Him, and am desperate for Him! Like Heidi Baker says – we are desperate for God and hungry for Him like the poor are for food, water, clothes and shelter… its hard for us successful, rich (compared to the rest of the world) Americans to relate to that deep hunger and desperation! Our souls, our spirits and our hearts are living off so little, yet we are distracted by our “busy” lives and our possessions… our important relationships…etc. that we don’t even realize it! When in reality none of that even matters, all that we hold so high and let distract us, pollute us, or even let make us forget about God, is so meaningless. We care too much about the present world… when we have forever to come! Forever with our maker God! That is what matters! The Bible talks so much about storing up our treasure in Heaven instead of on earth! And how it really is easier to love God rightly, obey Him, and go to Heaven if you are poor… poor in spirit, knowing that we are desperate for Him and He is all we need! Here on earth, is so temporary, while we live for eternity in Heaven with our God, I want to focus more on that, which matters, which I happen to not be able to see, than on this temporary meaningless earthly life!

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