Monday, April 12, 2010

Just a few thoughts, questions :)

What if we were all who He calls us to be? What if we weren’t afraid? What if we weren’t selfish? What if we really trusted God? What if we were patient? What if we listened for Gods voice and obeyed?
What if we let our personalities be brought to the fullest to be used by God?! The ways that we are different, all be used and made beautiful!!! If we gave up our will and truly wanted His, what would he have us doing?! What amazing, beautiful people would there be, with all our different gifts, personalities, and differences… how would He use us if we let Him? what amazing adventures would we be on?! What difficult situations, and hurtful life problems would we have avoided? Who would we be….? I imagine all the amazing people I know, and then wonder if were doing exactly what He created us to do. Or if somewhere along the way we have gotten distracted, busy, in our own plans, our own will instead of really seeking His! What amazing things we would be doing! How we would be helping others! Saving the lost, comforting the hurting, parenting the orphans, working for His kingdom, storing our treasures in heaven where they do not spoil, harvesting in that ripe field God so desperately longs for harvesters, giving to the poor, and loving the “un-lovable”. Who has God created you to be? What gifts had He given you? What are the skills and life experiences He’s given you and would want you to be using for His glory?!