Friday, August 6, 2010


I have been accepted to Heidi Bakers Harvest school of missions in Mozambique Africa! And I am thrilled! This will be such an awesome learning experience... preperation for my future, and streatching of me spiritually! I will be taking classes and learning a whole lot, as well as involved in helping with the orphanage and school Iris Ministries has there! I will be leaving on October 17th hopefully and return around December 21st! I could really use all the prayers of my friends and family that I earn/raise enough money to go! And to come back! haha the plane tickets will be expensive! The actual cost of teh school is only about 2,500 and that covers my food, place to live/sleep, and all the classes for 3 months! But the air fare is going to be about 1,500! So please join me in prayer askin gfor the Lords help to raise all of this money! Also please pray with me for preperation spiritually! That my faith would grow bigger and stronger as I get ready to go and do as He has called me to! I am so excited to go and serve those people! To do exactly what the Bible tells me to do which I have out lined in verses in a lot of my previous blogs! I have reciently through talking about the Lord and the passions he has given, with Joshua, discovered a little bit of why I love it so much.... I love when the Lord relveals to you things about yourself you didnt realize before! And when He uses ithers in your life to do that! Ahhhh its just amazing! So we were talking about the secret things of God the Bible talks about... the things we have to search and seek out about Him and His kingdome, and even ourselves, that He only shows us when we really look deeper into Him! And I was saying how I believe that the desire to serve others and help those who need it so desperately is such a huge part of Gods heart and how He repeatedly tells us to do this in His word! So I think that when people have that desire, it means they are seeking God and He has shown Him a part of His heart for the poor, orphans, and all those people in such distress! Then we talked about how some people might do it just for the good feeling, or the look of it, or because their family does... instead of the true deep calling and drive from their relationship with the Lord our God! And then we discussed how we all have different callings, different strengths and weaknesses.... different paterns/tendancies of our flesh, I know that one of my fleshly tendancies/weaknesses is selfishness... I know that a lot of people struggle with this also, but I have known this about myself and been fighting it and asking the Lord to change my heart there! Then it hit me! - (God spoke!) saying that, that is the reason! Thats part of why I love so much and am so satisfied when I serve others and treat them as more important than myself... help them! Because it is exactly the opposite of my flesh! My sinful nature says "its all about me" so when I go directly against that and serve others as better than me and love them as I do myself it is sooo right.... its what God is telling me to do, to oppose my sinful selfishness....! :) so that made me really happy and still is! Because thats exactly what I want to always be doing - fighting my sinful, fleshly nature - to serve my God better and glorify the beautiful name of - JESUS!

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  1. I am so excited for you! That is something I've always wished I could do! Aren't you glad we set up this blog?! Please keep me updated. Love you Hannah!