Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wild ride!!!!

Wow! I’ve only been here in Mozambique for about a week and a half and already God has totally wrecked me with His love! Ha and taught me so much! I don’t know what exactly to share with you all! There is so much I could tell you! He has shown me how He loves us so much it hurts! Wow, I know most of you have probably loved someone so much it hurt! Our God is that crazy about us…
He showed me in a healing time a picture of when I was really hurting, and that He was right there with me! Actually holding me and telling me it was going to be okay! Even though I know I had disobeyed Him and wasn’t fully His at that time, He still cared! He was still there, never left or gave up on me, but held me and loved on me, comforted me in my pain! He showed me the lies that I believed and the truth that He was speaking to me! That it was all for my good!
God says He loves us so much, it hurts… wow,
I guess He wants the same from me… until it doesn’t hurt anymore.
He says rest in me and I will do this, what I want…!
He has revealed His love in ways I haven’t experienced before! Just a few of my favorites so far are – a few times when I am really just soaking in His love (Heidi says if we know we are loved only then can we truly love others and not burn out in serving our Daddy, our lover God) I was so overwhelmed that He really does love me that much, in a personal way! That I was crying… and then laughing… at the same time ha ha, I am excited to let His love go deeper so it stays there steady for good! His love is better than all else…. He cares for each of us individually and knows us so deeply its crazy…
Another time was when I was worshiping with both arms lifted… praising Him with all I have, and I heard Him saying that He was reading across my wrists (my tattoos) and that it said “the Lords heart” and He was pleased with me! And that He was so happy my heart truly is His! Wow! That was kinda amazing ☺ My tattoo on my right wrist says “the Lords” which is from Isaiah 44 where he says “and they will write on their hands The Lords” and then on my left wrist I have a hears, which represents my heart, a little different looking… not normal ☺ but that He loves! I got both separately and not thinking about what they say together when I put both arms up! But God was thinking of that all along ☺
Okay my favorite time with God so far was a word spoken to me by an amazing lady named Sarah, she is Australian and she and her husbands are the directors of our school and do an awesome job! She was going around praying for us while we soak in the Lords presence and pray… and this is what God showed her when she laid her hand on me to pray! –

Wild ride –

A prophetic word given to me by Sarah Kotzur –
All written down by my awesome friend and room mate, Esther the Ausie

She saw a horse, me on a big horse, God said its going to be a wild ride!
I am a wild one! Being prepared, hold on!
King of glory riding with me double saddle.
The huge horse is the Holy Spirit.
The Father covering me with a big purple cloak…
we were in perfect union! Perfect union she kept saying!
It’s a path no one else can ride!
He said thank you for trusting me Hannah!
Huge overwhelming horse.
Jesus grabbed me by the hand and swung me up, thank you for trusting me He said! Its going to be a wild ride, hold on sweet heart!
Horse was running for a cliff, but don’t worry it has wings! He is going to teach me how to fly!
Dangerous situations are going to look like opportunities, such union that I will have a fearless mantel.
Might freak people out around me – holy awe of what God is doing with my life! Sometimes they wont understand, but will look on in awe.
Supernatural horse! White stallion.
Me behind Jesus on the Holy Spirit horse, covered in the Father!
Princess warrior! Like the princess in the Lord of the rings, princess warrior Hannah.

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  1. WOW, HANNAH!!!!!!!

    Miss you and praying for you!!