Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Deep unto deep

We are about to go on our first outreach for my “color group”! We got broken up into groups of about 15 of us and around 5 to 10 Mozambican Bible school student pastors! My group is Green, “Deep unto deep, green”. We put together a skit to show the depicts a man when Jesus creates him, then the devil distracts him and tempters come to bring him into sin… then when none of those satisfy he turns to reach for Jesus, and this action allows Jesus to break through the demons and save him! it’s a really powerful illistration to take to a remote village that could possibly have ever heard about Jesus before! Also possibly never seen white people before! Ha! Were going to show them the Jesus film in their language, and pray, pray, pray for them! Usually there are many miracles, signs and wonders… many, many people come to Jesus as their savior and Lord! I am so excited for this! Wow I am! We drive out pretty far, on the back of a truck ha, (I’ve heard this isn’t comfortable…) then we set up our tents and start sharing the love of our God!!! Please be praying for this time! ( we leave Thursday afternoon and come back Saturday night nice and stinky… wet wipe bathing ☺). There are some dangers in going out like this… things get stolen, there are apparently a lot of drunk men, somehow they make their own alcohol… sometimes these men don’t treat us ladies so well ☺. Prayers are so powerful and I am so thankful for you all praying so much already for my time here! God is going with me and my team! We pray for His presence all the time! We know we are protected and taken care of! He has gone before us and comes behind! There is no reason to be afraid, and I cant wait to go advance His kingdom a little bit more! Pray for boldness for me in doing this! And also that we can get around the language barriers… the Mozambican pastors will be translating and a few of us also speak Portugese or Macua which is the other language spoken a lot here.
On another note at the moment my room mates are all screaming and laughing because our toilet… lets just say isn’t very powerful when it comes to flushing poo down! Ha ha its awesome ☺ apparently there is a trick that involves using a stick to push the poo down as it flushes… we gotta figure this one out and perfect it! Ha ha ha so fun! I get to shower maybe everyday because of all the stickieness and sweat… but only to rinse off! Hair gets washed about every 3 days or more, which most of you who know me would know I love! Hahaha - The guys all bought a goat in town and are slautering it right now… I hope they actually follow through and eat it so it doesn’t stink! I kinda have a feeling they wanted to feel manly in Africa more so than had a craving for goat meat… I have met a lot of awesome people here! Almost everyone in my house is from a different country! But we all speak English to a certain degree ☺ its been interesting and tons of fun! Rolland and Heidi Baker are awesome speakers of course! Ha! And I am learning so much! About the kingdom of heaven and how to bring it here on earth! How the least of these are actually Jesus faces (Matt 25). How to stop for the one instead of being overwhelmed by the thousands! How to love the one in front of you, to see them the way God does! So so so much more! I could end up putting all my notes on here, but I wont! Ha ha!
I just finished attempting to work out here in this heat… ha! I have missed it so much and all my roomies had gone to town for food and supplies so I got a little bit in! it was pretty funny and most of you would have laughed at me! Everyone here would have! I think I am would of the only ones here who cares to workout… a few will go run with me! But my pure barre/cross fit body weight workout was a lil weird and nobody else would have wanted to join!
I miss all of you (more than working out ha) and cant wait to come back at Christmas and tell you all about the awesome stuff I am getting to do, learn, see, the serving, playing in the dirt with the kids… all of it!


  1. Oh "our little" Hannah!!! You are too PRECIOUS!!!!!!!! You better believe Charles and I will be PRAYING INTENSELY for you and please be safe!!! Don't get too far from the Mozambique pastors......just remember you are not "an ugly blonde"!!! :):):) NO, we know the Lord is with you every step.....so thankful you are sharing your love and faith with these people.......;you are "precious in His sight" and ours, too!!! Can't wait to hear the GOOD NEWS when you return this weekend!!! Sorry for the "poo" problems....just the "little trials" in life!!! Luv ya!! Brenda and Chas..

  2. May His name be glorified among these people! We are praying for boldness and strength and I know He is going to do amazing things through your awesome heart! Praise Him for using you to be such an encouragent to many. Thanks for the blog- keep em coming!