Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My trip to Africa Itinerary

Dec. 30th: DEPART the States for Africa!

Dec. 31st: Arrive in Addis Ababa, head to the Ethiopia Guest Home to sleep.

Jan. 1st: Head to Addis Ababa airport and depart to Entebbe, arriving at 12:45 PM. Proceed by bus to Jinja (3 hours with Entebbe traffic). Check into King Fisher Lodge and head to Katie Davis’ house to help assemble the food and shoes for the feeding program the next day.

Jan. 2 – Amazima all day!

Jan. 3 - Church with Katie from Amazima, afternoon with Canaan’s Children Home.

Jan. 4 – Feed Karamajong people with Amazima and then head to Canaan’s Children Home. (Thompson Station group will depart for New Hope Uganda orphanage in Kisana/Kiwoko).

Jan. 5 – Spend morning packing and visit source of the Nile. Head into Entebbe or Kampala (depending on route) for quick shopping, arriving at the airport by 3:30 for our 6:30 PM flight out. Arrive in Addis and head to Ethiopia Guest Home.

Jan. 6 - Mother Theresa’s HIV orphanage. Shopping

Jan. 7 – Ephraim’s Post Office Street Kids (soccer and meal) and children living in the dumps.

Jan. 8 - Kingdom Vision International orphanage. Afternoon with America World Transitional Home. Group 1 departs for the States at 10:00 PM.

Jan. 9 –Leave very early in the morning to travel to Kidmia Foundation Center in Gunchire, returning after dinner.

Jan. 10 – The Bible Army Church & Kids Care orphanage – donkey races? Group 2 departs for the States at 10 PM.

PRAY FOR ME! That I will be in the best health and state of mind for God to use me best! To do powerful things for Him! And for Him to speak to my heart, preparing me for the work He has already gone ahead and planned for, and called me to do!


  1. Random question from a complete stranger here, but are you going on this missions trip with Visiting Orphans, by chance? Just curious.
    Truly and sincerely, thank you for investing your time and energy into caring for those whom our Lord loves so dearly.

  2. Yes it was a trip with Visiting Orphans and it was a life changing God moving time! Thanks for the encouragement :) I know it wont end here for me!