Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pure hearts God!

The pure in heart see God! Wow what a promise! Try it – for 4 or 5 weeks, until I get back maybe ☺ only listen to Christian and worship music (try to fins Cory Asbury’s – do you know the way you move me song!)! Read books about God and His works, His character (compelled by love – Heidi Baker, when heaven invades earth – Bill Johnson, Radical, love has a face…). Only movies focusing on God and His ways and works… (Finger of God, Furious love, anything you can find about missions work and/or the Holy Spirit moving!!). You will feel so clean and pure! You’ll begin to see God more! Its amazing… meditate on His words – both scripture and what He says to you! Let prophetic words encourage you, increase your faith, claim the heritage that is truly yours, the promises of God all through out the Bible! Be who you really are! Know who you are in God and take hold of that! Don’t believe the lies of satin that your not a daughter of the most high God, the King of all the earth, that Jesus is your lover and adores you! That He delights in you and longs to spend more time with you, that even with your little messed up life (that’s how I feel sometimes) He wants all of it and treasures it, knows He can do so much more with it than we could ever think possible! If you give it to Him, He will surprise you! And its amazing and beautiful when your surprised by God!
What you put in is truly what you become….

There are many different trains of thought, or theories when it comes to deciding how to treat the children here and people. Some say things like “don’t teach them that if they follow ‘acunyas’ or white people, that they will get something.” which has its truths. We do not want to create a begging spirit in the children here – often I give things to the ones who do not ask so that it really is a gift, and I don’t let them just take my stuff… if you don’t have enough and you give to one or two yes, you might draw a crowd, you might start a riot… you don’t want to build a relationship on them asking you for stuff or asking you to buy them things or for $ and you giving it… this is not a relationship, but us being used ha that’s us being stupid. Today many of these thoughts came up as we slowly got more and more of the village kids following us as we went to get cheap ice cream – a very special treat we never have! Some said not to buy it for them, because it was teaching them to beg or take advantage of us… but myself and one other felt a lot of compassion for these children! We can not harden our hearts to those brothers and sisters of ours… Gods beloved children who are in poverty! They probably never get a treat like that, not often at least, it didn’t cost much, there were about 10 kids, and we knew them well, had relationships with most of them already! It gave me so much joy to hear Obregado Hannah! From those smiling faces! To play and dance with them and eat a tiny ice cream cone with them! ☺
The boys call me sister and I love that! I love being their sisters in the Lord and having so many “brothers”.

To live a life… that is not “normal”, that isn’t the same thing everybody else does, wants, thinks is best is all I want! I do not know exactly what that means for my life yet, and I see my life coming in different seasons of different things! God is showing me more and more of His heart for my life, the passions, desires He has placed in me for a purpose and some of the things I will do in my life! Why does everyone want a normal successful life? Why do they think its best? I once heard an awesome quote that said something like - if you find yourself in agreement with the majority then its time to check yourself… - I agree, that if we live like everyone else, what fun is that? Also, more importantly how are we living for our Jesus if we are like every other, complacent, take the easy way, wide path, hidden evil, live for God when its good for you person… I believe very much, that I was not made to live normally… and neither are you! To live safely, and not take any risks… what a boring “successful” American life… 1 Corinthians – 3:11 – 15 – says that fire will test the quality of each mans work… seriously! Do we believe the Bible? Take seriously these words?! Where is your treasure going to be stored? (Matt. 6:21) Are you going to enjoy it all here, or store up the much more valuable treasures that do not ever spoil (John 6:27) and last for eternity in heaven! A much more satisfying life full of serving others and showing Jesus powerful love in radical, fun, different, unique truly being me, truly being you in life, not like everyone else but wild and free… My God calls me to live a life full of adventure, excitement, romance, love, peace, trust, a life depending on Him because I am in situations where I couldn’t make it if He didn’t come through! When you truly give God everything, your entire life, “lose it to find it” because if you seek to find it “you lose it”, you feel His love in a way that is hard to explain. Its like the perfect romance, the best Daddy you could imagine, better love than you could ever hope for, and more than you can contain… you can tell that you are unable to take it all so He is taking it easy on you. That if He were to show you how He really truly feels about you, you would die!
God is excited! Did you know He can get excited? He is excited about you trusting Him, He says thank you! I am proud of you! Thank you for trusting me and being faithful! I as your God is even more faithful and will trust YOU with my secrets, my good, good things! He has so much for you than the “American dream” than a normal life… than all that stuff you think you want… that you have seen, been told you should want… open up your mind to God, let Him love on you, show you His Holy Spirit power… and reveal to you the exciting perfect for YOU life that He created you for… God has such a perfect plan, such amazing things in each season of your life that He is just waiting for you to say “YES!!!” and be a willing living sacrifice! Doesn’t sound so exciting, but when you hear the love He has for you! You give it all…. Out of deep intimate romantic love you feel that is unlike any love you’ve ever felt… perfect love… casts out all fear! All fear to go anywhere God wants, or to do anything He tells you to do, say anything He tells you to say… live your life as a radical lover of Jesus! And radically love others the way He would if He were here, through me!!!! When I am doing what He created me to do, I am more satisfied, have more joy and happiness than doing anything else! He is so good and knows our hearts, our desires, He made them and has plans to satisfy them!

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  1. WOW, HANNAH!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for opening your heart, TOTALLY!!

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