Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus :)

God never let it get mundane! Never let us get used to loving the one in front of us, listening, giving hugs to the unlovable that just might change their lives, sharing the love of Jesus, stopping for the one God tells me to! Never let me forget, get used to the power of this, or get busy, caught up in my own world and not obey You Lord! Never let us get used to Your presence so that we don’t get excited about it anymore! So that we think we already found all there is, there is always so much more in You for us if we seek you hard! If we are hungry You will feed us more and more! Let us stay hungry for You God! “Poor in spirit” that’s how we see God – Matthew 5:3 – when we are desperate for God, like the poor are for food, water, clothing… that’s when He comes through for us in miraculous ways! He needs to see us depend on Him, trusting Him fully! This is scary, it takes risk! We have to have no back up plan, God I will fail if You don’t show up! That’s when He does the stuff, the amazing beautiful stuff! Not when we don’t really need Him (so we think) because we have a plan, we have all we need, we didn’t want to risk depending on Him just in case He didn’t show up! No, comes and multiplies food, when we would go hungry if He didn’t! His presence is thick and moves us when we are desperate and cry out for Him, because we just love and want Him so bad!
We just have to remember that the whole world is the “mission field” and as long as I live the way Jesus lived, as a missionary to earth, from our Daddy in heaven, we will live in His will!
EVERYWHERE I go, Jesus says it doesn’t matter where I go, just that I stay intimate with Him and listen to His voice… that I take Him into the darkness and His light shines! Wow

One thing I learned this week is about being sure not to ever take offense at others… And also never take offense at God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit. I know a lot of things are controversial, but whatever you allow to offend you, has separated you from God. Offense comes between us and our close relationship we were intended to have with our God! The Holy Spirit is so real, and it can easily be found offensive to many. Jesus offended many while He walked on earth! In Matthew 11:6 Jesus tells the people blessed are those who does not fall away on account of me, or is not offended by me. Wow! That is powerful! Many people offend us, and even when they are wrong, if you let the offense stay in your heart, it distances you from your heavenly Father! I have been praying away all of my offenses! I do not want anything between me and my God! I want to be as close as I possibly can to Him at all times! There are a lot of strange things that happen when the Holy Spirit shows up, I have simply talked to my Jesus about this and He told me to basically just focus on Him and be open to whatever He wants to do in me! So through doing that I have released all judgment on others, all distractions are gone and I have experienced way more of Gods love and the Holy Spirits power! Just realize that God deals with us all in different ways, and He is very clear that we do not judge others, that is His job alone! We don’t know what any other person is going through, what they have come out of, what they need from God…. We have no idea! And God doesn’t work in normal ways… sorry, His ways are not our ways, they are way higher, and we wont understand them fully! Jesus offended often and so does the Holy Spirit, I personally don’t want to miss out on account of my being offended so I am releasing my offences, judgments and all else that is not of heaven! Most offense is from misunderstanding, fear of the unknown, language, culture, pride, self-righteousness… and much more, so they are simply another stumbling block from the devil himself, and we need to bind those and send them back to hell where they came from! Yay! Offense is selfish – keeps us from intimacy with our creator, lover of our souls, Daddy God!!!

My house mates and I went to get some food at the “Chicken Shack” or the “Cutchu Curo” which is what the Mozambicans calls it which means thank you. It is a close place that you can get a clod drink and something that resembles fries ☺ I don’t go there much because of money but I was there with my friends one day and 2 little girls were there watching us. They looked so pitiful and sad… they looked so hungry! I posted before about soft and hardened hearts of those who have been placed in this culture for 3 months. I have prayed for a soft heart! I was trying to decide if I was going to give them my food, or buy them something… when one of the other girls asked if they were supposed to be in there, and what are we gonna do when our food comes?! I began to speak up when one of my other friends said we should get them some biscuits (which to every other country apparently means cookies, that aren’t that sweet…) so we took the two girls and got them sodas and cookies, I sat with them on the floor and watched their faces light up…. The dramatic difference was insane! They were so genuinely pitiful before and then they were so happy, their countenance was lifted, which if anyone really knows me they know I am pretty grumpy when I am hungry… so I completely understand and relate to these girls! They were so sweet, the began feeding me their precious biscuits! Wanting to give to me, after I had given to them! So sweet! I could have adopted them both… I wish! And they laughed and played with me on the floor… I loved not being afraid of doing that! I am not sure why so many of us are, and why I myself have been at some points… I guess we see this strange picture of all the kids swarming and trampling us if we offer to help one… ha and we do have to be wise about it, but don’t let your hearts get hardened! Same with the poor in Nashville and everywhere else! Don’t harden your hearts… buy them food, talk to them! Listen! Pray for them, and hug them with Jesus love pouring through you… I was more blessed by those two little girls than I ever have been by food, or by being safe by not helping someone…. I felt God moving in our time together and there is nothing better than that! Here’s a couple pictures of these girls!

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